How To Get A Hair Out Of Your Throat (Try Different Things!)

How to get a hair out of your throat

Technically this isn’t a beauty topic (although it has something to do with hair and especially girls can have problems with it because of their long hair), but I just wanted to write about a thing that annoys me and most other people I know! It bothers me more than I would like to admit cause it is just a weird feeling… What is it you ask? Getting a hair out of your throat!

The feeling that it gives me tickles me and throws me off more than I like to admit and I know I’m not the only one… So, for all people who want to know what to do about it, I went and wrote an entire article about it.

So, without further ado… Let’s dive in!

So, How to get a hair out of your throat?

It can be a feeling that makes you go nuts when it is there for a longer period of time! The last time I had a hair in my mouth it was because it was going in my mouth with some food. But what can you do about it? A couple of things actually! We are going to look at what you can do and also we’ll look at the fact that it might not is a hair in some cases.

Swallow the hair that is in your mouth

The first thing that you can try to do is to swallow the hair. If you suspect that there is a hair in your mouth, an easy way to get rid of it is by swallowing it down. Your body will take care of the rest after it is gone from your throat.

What you also can do is stand in front of a mirror with the flashlight of your mobile phone and try to locate the hair. If you see the hair you can try to get it out with your fingers. Make sure that your fingers are clean though!

Eat food to get the hair gone

It seems too easy to do the thing, but it really can help tremendously well. The only thing you have to remember is to eat soft foods like bananas or something like soft bread. This makes it easier for the hair to latch onto the food and find its way down.

What if the hair in my throat isn’t a hair?

Sometimes you end up with only the feeling of a hair in your throat for hours. If a feel a hair is in your mouth for hours it likely isn’t a hair that is causing you to feel this.

A hair would go down pretty easily eventually and would not cause such irritation for hours and hours. There are other things that can be happening however so I’ll lay them out for you below!

Allergies in your throat that cause it to feel like there’s a hair in your throat

The first thing that comes to mind is that you maybe have allergies you know or do not know about that need treatment. There are allergies that can give the sensation of something (like a hair) that is stuck in your throat. 

If you know this and have the medicine, that goes and take your medicine, if this isn’t the case you might want to go and visit a doctor!

It isn’t beneficial to “wait it out” and see how it develops itself over the next few days… No, go see a doctor because there might be something that needs to be treated right away.

Acid Reflux

From personal experience, I can tell you that the feeling of having a hair stuck in your mouth can also come from the fact that you have acid reflux.

This acid can irritate your throat because it can reach your vocal folds. When that happens it can feel like there is something stuck in your mouth.

Luckily the treatment is easy and you only need to take something like Antacids to ease your acid reflux.

Saltwater is your friend!

If you can’t identify what it is that is causing your throat to feel like there is a hair in there, salt water is your friend. If there isn’t anything there but you only have the feeling of it there are other issues that can cause this feeling. 

To make your throat feel better you can gargle with a glass of warm water and salt. You fill a glass with warm water and put some salt in it, stir it until the salt dissolves, and gargle with the solution for a couple of seconds. This can make your throat feel better!


I think we all know that smoking isn’t good for you, but it can also give you the feeling there is something like a hair in your throat just because smoking irritates the lining of your throat. 

Try to cut back on the cigarettes and see for yourself if this is the solution to your problem!

It can also be something like a fishbone!

The reason you have to be careful about this kind of stuff and not just “wait it out” is the fact that it can be something else. 

If the feeling of a hair being stuck in your throat stays there for a longer period of time it might be smart to go to an ENT (ear, nose throat doctor). 

If you ate fish and after that, you got the feeling of something like a hair stuck in your throat, it might be that there’s a fishbone stuck into the flesh of your throat. You can’t see this on an x-ray examination or something like that because fish bones are cartilaginous. 

However, a good ENT can notice these kinds of things with a camera!

Final thoughts

If you want to get a hair out of your throat, you can do so by applying the above tips. If that doesn’t help, you see nothing, or the sensations stay for a longer time than it normally would, it might be time to go and check it with a doctor. Better safe than sorry!

A hair can be in your throat for a couple of minutes and it can give you a weird feeling (I know it does for me!) But you also get a hair easily out of your hair or easily swallowed.

If the feeling of something in your throat stays for a couple of hours or even days, you are better of trying something else like finding out if you have acid reflux, cut back on smoking, or gargling with saltwater.

If you know that you had fished the other night and since then you have this feeling, it might be a smart move to go to a doctor or ENT. A fishbone stuck in your throat is not a fun thing and can be dangerous.

I hope that you now have enough tips and tricks to get the hair out of your hair and live a hair-free-mouth-life! And, in all the other cases: Stay safe! It is better to be safe than sorry so better a trip for nothing to do doctor than to not do that and might make it worse in the days after the feeling started!

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