How To Get Rid Of Gel Flakes In Hair Without Washing (4 Solutions!)

Did you know that you can get rid of the gel flakes in your hair?

I think that many of us had the amazing experience of getting flakes in our hair. Sometimes this happens because we use a particular gel, sometimes it’s the DIY recipe we just wanted to try and a myriad of other reasons can be the cause of flaking.

We all know it is annoying and I understand that you want to know how to get rid of gel flakes in your hair.

Washing your hair again is of course a wonderful option, but sometimes it can be too much of a hassle to go through washing your hair again. Especially if you have to go somewhere and you don’t have much time.

That’s why I made the article! Read on to find out how to get rid of your flakes!

So, how to get rid of gel flakes in your hair without washing it?

You’re not the first person to ask me that, and I know that you won’t be the last! 

How to get rid of it? There are a couple of things you can try that most definitely will help you remove the gel flakes from your hair. Let’s dive right into the solutions that I have for you!

Use your fingers to detangle your hair

If you don’t want to shower, it’s probably best to untangle your hair when it’s completely dry. You can do this by going through your hair with your hands (i.e. your fingers), but you can also do this with a wide-tooth comb. A comb is a little easier to reach even the smallest flakes in your hair.

This method ensures that most flakes fall out of your hair in no time. This is ideal if you don’t want to take a shower, but still want to get rid of your flakes quickly.

Shake your head

It may sound strange, but shaking your head is indeed a very good way to get rid of gel flakes. Of course, you shouldn’t do this too hard. You can give yourself a terrible headache if you do this too hard. 

It might even be best to combine the two methods just mentioned.

Go with your hands through your hair so that most of the gel flakes are out of your hair. This way you also make sure that other flakes are loose. If you then shake your head, the remaining gel flakes will fall out of your hair without having to wash your hair.

Ask for help!

This may sound awkward, but it is definitely worth a try. If you have tried the above ways, but there are still gel flakes to be found, it is useful to ask a friend, father, or mother, or someone else for help. You can just wipe them off to remove the remaining gel flakes in a quiet and gentle way.

This is especially a good option if everything else doesn’t work, or doesn’t work 100%. It also works very well if you have to go somewhere in a hurry. Someone else will see a lot better where exactly what is.

How can you remove gel flakes if you do want to use water or product?

Untangle your hair in the shower

This is perhaps the most obvious and also one of the most effective methods. Going through your hair with water while you are untangling your hair will cause a lot of gel flakes to come off. This is because the water puts extra pressure on your hair so that the gel flakes that have attached themselves to your hair can easily come out again.

Use a product such as a conditioner

This is also a great method to try! Take a watery or runny conditioner and use it in your hair. A conditioner will add a good layer that can bind well with the gel flakes. If you then use your fingers to untangle the hair and remove the gel flakes, you won’t be rid of your flakes for too long! Just use a conditioner and then rinse your hair while detangling your hair. Works great!

How to prevent your hair from flaking?

Hopefully, at least now you already have some good tips to get gel flakes out of your hair. Both with and without water. However, the problem is not solved. At first, you don’t want to be bothered at all by gel flakes in your hair! 

How can you prevent gel flakes in your hair? I am going to tell you a few tips. Read on to find out the best way to do this.

Tip 1 – Stay consistent with brands

The best advice I can give you is to stay consistent with the brands you use. So don’t try to mix products with each other, for example. That is asking for trouble. 

Use, for example, a moisturizer and a gel of the same brand. This is not a marketing trick, but something very good to remember. Using products of the same brand are well connected and reinforce each other. This at least prevents ingredients from different brands from conflicting with each other and causing gel flakes.

Tip 2 – Hands off of your hair!

This is a tip especially for people with curls. I know it’s tempting, but please try to stay away from your hair after inserting a styling product. So try to stay away from combs and brushes. Continuous touching and playing with your hair can cause gel flakes.

Tip 3 – Don’t use too much

This is the easy tip I can give you. Don’t use too much product when styling your hair! It’s better to start with little and then add it to your hair, rather than putting it all into your hair at once.

Tip 4 – Cleanliness is important

In general, it is also a good idea to keep your hair really clean and wet when you insert it. With some gel products, if your hair isn’t clean and wet, the product won’t be absorbed properly. The product will then “sit on” your hair, and when your hair dries, gel flakes will appear. 

Why do you get hair flakes with gel at all?

It can be terribly annoying if you have just bought a new product, or have just done your hair and then suffer from gel flakes. 

However, there is a reason why this happens and it usually has nothing to do with the product. It may just be that it is in the formula of the gel itself or reacts with a product that is already in your hair (hence tip 1 above).

What I mean by this is the fact that polymers are used in the gel. These polymers cause your hair to clump together. When the gel dries, a transparent “coating” is created that holds your hair firmly in place. 

What you need to know is that these polymer molecules are not flexible and can break just like a mirror. A mirror breaks into a thousand pieces, and if you touch your hair too much or do too much with it, this coating breaks into many small pieces as well. That’s exactly why I tell you in this article that you should not sit with your hands, comb, or brush in your hair as much as possible! This will only cause you to get gel flakes faster!

Final thoughts

Today you received an answer to the question: how to get rid of gel flakes in hair without washing. Now I’ve also given you tips on how to get rid of gel flakes in hair without washing your hair, but in general, you should be able to get rid of gel flakes without washing your hair.

Also, as you’ve read above, there are some important tips to make sure you don’t get any gel flakes at all.

If you’ve now found a way to get your hair gel flakes free, I’d love to hear about it! It would be great if this article is expanded to include even more ways to get rid of your gel flakes and help people!

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