What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Hair When You Hug?

Guys are a mystery. Sometimes you know what they’re up to and sometimes it seems like their mind is a giant puzzle.

When it comes to men finding women attractive, this puzzle can become even bigger because my god are they sometimes hard to read!

Have you ever hugged a man and found that he smelled your hair? Then there’s a good chance that he wants to be closer to you and is into you!

Below you’ll find the answers to what it means when a guy smells your hair when he hugs you!

So, what does it mean when a guy smells your hair when you hug

I know that this sounds incredibly creepy if he doesn’t know you and he’s a guy that you just met. But when you know each other it can actually be endearing because it means that he has an emotional attraction towards you. Below I’ll give you all the possible answers. You have to figure out which one is the right answer for you though :).

1 – Emotional attachement

A guy that smells your hair when you hug has an emotional attraction towards you. When you’re a couple this is by no means something to be concerned about. It is actually sweet that he wants to be close to you. If this is someone that you’ve dated for a while, this is also common. It gets creepy when you don’t know the man… But that’s not what we are focussing on right now.

When a guy has an emotional attraction towards you, he likes to smell your hair when you hug. They like you, they like how you smell, and smelling their hair gives men the idea that they’re closer to you. They enjoy you and sniffing your hair feels amazing to them.

2 – It’s about the pheromones and smell

This one builds on the first one because there aren’t many other reasons for a man to smell a woman’s hair than that he is into you. 

He wants to smell your hair when you hug him can have something to do with pheromones. Pheromones are a huge factor in picking a mate and those pheromones often are released through the scalp.

The function of pheromones is to expose certain genetic markers that are related to the immune system. I know it sounds weird but this allows a potential partner to choose someone he can have healthy children with. 

Smelling your hair when you hug him is a way for a man to find out a little bit more about you (apart from the amazing smell). Not that he does this consciously and thinks “hmm let’s smell some pheromones to see if I can have healthy children with her”… But smelling your hair can give him some clues subconsciously. 

If he smells your hair, he is most likely into you, wants to be closer to you and men want to experience you with all his senses. This means that he wants to smell you, see you, hear you, touch you and taste you (oh what he would do for a kiss!)

3 – It’s just so attractive

There’s just something about beautiful hair on a girl that makes guys go crazy. When beautiful hair is the cake, then your hair smelling nice is the icing. Men just want to be around you and your hair! You look amazing, smell amazing and they want to experience all of you with all of his senses.

Are there any more reasons for guys to smell your hair when you hug him?

Not really. Sure, some guys read it in a magazine and just wanted to try it, but those are a minority.

It can also be that he just likes the way your shampoo smells but this also is less likely than that he likes you. When a guy likes someone’s hair, there’s often not much he does about it. It is only when he likes you that he wants to be close and experience it.

What I know from guys is the fact that they most likely smell your hair because they are into you. So, pick up on this huge hint if you like him too!


The conclusion for “what does it mean when a guy smells your hair when you hug?” is very simple. The guy that smells your hair is most likely into you and wants to be closer to you.

Nothing more and nothing less. Sure, there could be some other reasons like reading it in a magazine or that your hair looks amazing and that he’s curious… But overall the chance is very high that he’s into you.

What to do next? If you like him, then great. Ask him out of drop some hints that you’re into him as well and hopefully it grows out to something fantastic.

If you don’t like him, you can see where it goes. If you don’t drop hints that you like him, he might back off. If he does it every time and you don’t like it, you can say something about it. Or tell him that you’re not into him and that you would like him to stop. If it’s a stand-up guy he will do just that!

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