What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Hair When You Hug?

What does it mean when a guy smells your hair

Guys are a mystery. Sometimes you know what they’re up to and sometimes it seems like their mind is a giant puzzle.

When it comes to men finding women attractive, this puzzle can become even bigger because my god are they sometimes hard to read!

Have you ever hugged a man and found that he smelled your hair? Then there’s a good chance that he wants to be closer to you and is into you!

Below you’ll find the answers to what it means when a guy smells your hair when he hugs you!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Smells Your Hair?

I know that this sounds incredibly creepy if he doesn’t know you and he’s a guy that you just met. But when you know each other it can be endearing because it means that he has an emotional attraction towards you. 

Below are all the possible answers for why a guy smells your hair when you hug. You have to figure out which one is the right answer for you though :).

Your Hair Smells Great

The first one is stating the obvious. He’s smelling your hair because he likes the way your hair smells.

Most people tend to spend more time smelling what they like compared to what they don’t like. The fact that your hair smells great could be because of some product that you use (or just your natural smell). Take it as a compliment, and if you want to have more of that happen, by all means, use the products (if you used any) more often!

Emotional attachement

A guy that smells your hair when you hug has an emotional attraction toward you. When you’re a couple this is by no means something to be concerned about. It is sweet that he wants to be close to you. If this is someone that you’ve dated for a while, this is also common. It gets creepy when you don’t know the man… But that’s not what we are focussing on right now.

When a guy has an emotional attraction toward you, he likes to smell your hair. They like you, they like how you smell, and smelling your hair gives men the idea that they’re closer to you. They enjoy you and sniffing your hair feels amazing to them.

He’s Trying to Remember Something

The smell is deeply embedded in our psyche. The smell is used for all kinds of things and not the last bit for nostalgia, feelings, and thoughts.

It could be entirely possible that the way your hair smells, triggers a feeling or a thought. The smell is closely related to memories so it might be a pleasant memory he has with the smell of your hair.

It may remind him of the perfume his mom used to wear, his favorite laundry detergent or the fun times he had with his dad outside in the grass throwing a ball at each other.

Your Hair Smells in not such a good way

When you’ve just worked up a sweat from the gym or a run, or you waited too long to wash your hair, your hair could smell funky and he could just be sniffing your hair to find out where the smell comes from.

I think you could spot the difference. When he likes the way your hair smells, he probably takes long, deep inhales. If it’s a bad smell, he probably does quick sniffs to find out if it’s your hair that smells bad.

Now don’t worry! Even though a damp scalp is the perfect breeding ground for fungi and bacteria (which can give off a bad smell), you can easily fix this.

It’s normally easily fixed when you shower and wash your hair. Then your good-smelling hair (and his good sniffing) is back before you know it!

He has a weird fetish

I know this may sound odd, but some people have a “smelling hair fetish”. 

If he has a weird attractiveness to your hair and tells you he has a “sniffing your hair fetish”. You can do one of two things…

Either you’re not worried about it, love the person you’re with and just let him enjoy the smell of your hair.

Or, if the above isn’t the case, you should tell the man who is sniffing your hair to stop sniffing because it makes you uncomfortable.

Now, there’s a third thing you can do and that is to distance yourself from the person (which isn’t a bad idea at all if you don’t like or know the person).

You changed your shampoo

If the guy that is sniffing your hair is your boyfriend, he likely knows what your hair normally smells like. If you suddenly change your shampoo, he’s going to notice.

Don’t be surprised when he asks you a lot of questions afterward. He’s just trying to find out what changed (did you change your shampoo? Why did you change your shampoo? Can you back to the one before? I liked that one better).

He likes your shampoo

This one goes hand in hand with the one above. It might be that he just loves the way your regular shampoo smells. I know from personal experience that some shampoos smell nice! (yeah I admit it, I have sniffed my hair).

It reminds him of his ex

This could be a troublemaker. If the shampoo you use is the same one as his ex used, he might be reminded of his ex. When he smells your hair when you hug, you can be certain that he thinks about his ex.

This may be a good reason to switch shampoos. You don’t want to drive your boyfriend into the arms of his ex just because he remembered her while smelling your hair.

He is trying to get intimate with you

Smelling your hair to get intimate with you is something that guys often do. I’ll almost call it their go-to and obvious move. If he sniffs your hair, you know he wants you. 

If you want him too then that’s great! If you’re not a fan then it could lead to an awkward situation!

He is controlling himself from taking control over you

Now, this one goes hand in hand with the previous one. If a guy smells your hair (and likes you) but doesn’t make the next move, it could be that he’s trying to control himself. Maybe he’s not ready to tell you that he likes you.

The best thing you can do now is to watch his body movements and the way he looks at you closely. That can tell a whole lot about whether or not he likes you.

Trying to let you know he’s into you

It could be that the guy you’re flirting with is into you. He’s close to you and just had a surge of hormones through his body. Even though he wants you, he doesn’t want to lay all his cards on the table so he’s just going for the smell of your hair. He limits himself so to speak.

Now, if you like him, you can try to let him know that. That might just be the push that he needs to take a step further with you.

A strong sense of olfactory

Olfactory is the sensory system used for smelling. It could be that the guy that smells your hair when he hugs you, likes to smell things because he has a stronger “smell system” than other people. 

A good indicator of this would be if he not only sniffs your hair but also sniffs other things. This can be food, drinks, and other people’s hair.

If you’re uncomfortable with that, you should tell him. Maybe he can take your feelings into account when he’s with you.

He finds you irresistible

The thing that you might hope for! It could perfectly be that you’re the perfect woman in his eyes! He could be so overwhelmed by your beauty and presence that he just wants to take it all in.

He wants to involve all his five senses when he’s with you so that he can register everything amazing about you.

If this is the case you’re one lucky girl (if you find him irresistible as well of course). You can both be in love together :).

He thinks that you’re attracted to him

Think about it this way, he has known you for a long time and he secretly knows that you’re into him. Smelling your hair could be that he is indicating approval. He gives you the sign that he’s available (if you’re interested) to date.

Now, if feel this way and you like him, let him know that you’re interested! Then you can both go on amazing dates! 

He Wants to Figure Out the Scent

This one goes hand in hand with a couple of others that I mentioned earlier. It could be that when he smells your hair, and you see him thinking intently afterward, he’s trying to figure out the scent.

It may be that the scent is familiar and that he wants to remember where he smelled it before. It can also just be that he’s trying to figure out the actual scent (if he smells apples, peaches, or something like that).

Now, many women wear multiple hair and skin products that, when combines, can become an interesting mix of aromas. He might be wondering what products you’re using and/or the specific things you did that make the particular smell.

He’s Not Smelling It

Now, this isn’t meant to be harsh, but it might be that you see (hear or notice) a thing that isn’t there. 

If we look at the average height of a male (which is 5.6 feet), and the average height of a female (which is around 5.2 feet), it could be that he’s not smelling your hair at all but just breathing.

Since he’s much taller than you, it’s plausible that a man’s face (and nose) rest on your head and your hair when they hug you. This may lead you to think that he’s sniffing your hair when he’s just breathing and trying to stay alive ;).

It’s Soothing

The last one! I know from personal experience that this can be a huge thing! there’s something in the smell of a woman’s hair that is comforting for guys.

It all smells amazing and that makes them feel good inside. Most people want to feel great and want to prolong that feeling. By sniffing your hair when you hug, he prolongs the happy feeling.

If you notice a big sigh when he hugs you and smells your hair, you can be certain that it’s soothing for him and that he is relaxed.

So, those were all the reasons why a guy could be smelling your hair when you hug!

If you want a guy to smell your hair more often, or want to make your hair smell the best so your guy can thoroughly enjoy smelling your hair, you should consider the below tips on how to make your hair smell good for when he hugs you!

How To Make Your Hair Smell Good

Use a Fragrant Shampoo and Conditioner

Using fragrant shampoo and conditioner is one of the best ways to make your hair smell good. This will provide you with a nice, subtle scent that won’t be too overwhelming but will still make your hair smell pleasant. If you’re looking for something more powerful, you can also pick up a scented leave-in conditioner or hair spray that will offer more intense smelling power. 

Essential Oils

Another great way to make your hair smell good is by using essential oils. Simply mix a few drops of the oil with water and spritz it into damp or dry hair to give it an all-natural, delicious scent. Not only do these oils add an aroma, but they can also help nourish your strands and seal in moisture for added softness. 

Dry Shampoo

It’s no secret that dry shampoo is one of the most popular products on the market today; however, many people don’t realize its potential for making their hair tremendously fragrant! Not only does it absorb odors from sweat and product buildup, but dry shampoos often come infused with light scents like lavender or citrus which can compliment their look by adding an extra pop of fragrance.

Wash Regularly

Another great way to help make sure your hair smells good is by washing it regularly. This will remove any dirt or built-up oil as well as help to get rid of bacteria which can cause bad smells in the long run. Make sure you use appropriate shampoo and conditioner for best results and experiment with different brands until you find one that works for you!

Use A Detangling Spray

To give your hair an extra boost of freshness, try using a detangling spray before styling it each day. These sprays are packed full of great-smelling ingredients like essential oils that will help keep your locks smelling sweet all day long! 

Try An Apple Cider Rinse

For people who want natural solutions for making their hair smell better, adding apple cider vinegar rinse into their beauty routine can be just what they need! This simple solution helps balance pH levels in the scalp and removes buildup while leaving behind a subtle lingering scent that is quite pleasing. Just mix two parts water with one part ACV (undiluted) and apply directly onto damp strands after cleaning as normal then rinse out with warm water afterward – easy peasy!

Get A Hair Perfume Or Mist

If you’re looking for something even simpler yet highly effective when it comes to keeping your tresses smelling great throughout the day then investing in a dedicated perfume or mist specifically designed for use with hair could be just what you need! There’s plenty on offer in this category nowadays so look around till you find something that’s light enough so doesn’t weigh down tresses yet strong enough where its scent can linger all day long – perfection!  

DIY Natural Products

Finally, if none of these store-bought solutions appeal then why not create something yourself? Combining nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba oil, or shea butter with stronger scents such as lavender, sandalwood, or bergamot all mixed in an easy ‘DIY’ balm at home – this could be exactly what’s needed in order makes sure those luscious locks stay smelling sweet throughout each day too!

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