How To Get Rid Of Pink Hair After Bleaching (4 Steps)

How to get rid of pink hair after bleaching in 4 steps

A couple of weeks ago I was with my hairdresser to get my hair done and I asked her about all the things she saw walking in on a daily basis.

She told me about people who had cut their own hair and messed up was a big one, some people walked in with hair that was horribly messed up while trying to color their hair, and there were people who wanted to get colors out of their hair after bleaching!

That last one got me thinking because years ago I had a friend who had pink tones in her bleached blonde hair! 

I asked my hairdresser how they would remove these kinds of things and this is what she told me.

How to remove pink hair after you’ve bleached it

The thing that most people don’t know she said, is that completely removing pink dye out of your hair is that it requires a lot of time, a lot of patience, and about 4 steps to complete.

Washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo

Washing your hair with this kind of shampoo helps you by removing artificial colors. It helps to eliminate any trace of the hair dye that you’ve applied.

Remember to buy clarifying shampoo and not lightening shampoo because that certainly does not do the same thing!

Bleaching your hair to get rid of the pink colors

The next thing that you should do is bleaching your pink tones again. You can bleach your hair again if the clarifying shampoo did not remove all the pink in your hair.

Make use of a green toner

After you’ve bleached your hair, it is important to use a green toner. Green toner neutralizes tones in your bleach hair so when your hair is still a little pink, you can neutralize that with a green toner.

Wash your hair with green shampoo

To keep the pink colors from returning, you should wash your hair with green toning shampoo. Simply because green neutralizes the red and pink tones in your hair.

Now that you know every step, and thus know what you’ll need to remove the pink color out of your hair, it is time to look at a step by step guide!

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Guide to get rid of pink hair after a bleaching process

As you’ve probably read above in this article, removing pink tones from your bleached hair is something that takes time, effort, and patience!

That’s why I’ll also add to this that you can only do this process when you are not in a hurry. Don’t do this late in the afternoon when you have a party 2 hours later… Do it the good way, not the fastest way. The fastest way may also lead to the most regretted way. 

The other thing that I want to mention is the fact that you need to buy all the materials before you start. You can’t go to the beauty store between the steps just because you forgot something ;).

Step 1: make use of the clarifying shampoo

What you should do is the following: make your hair wet as you would normally do and apply the shampoo. Let it sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and then rinse it out.

Now I have to say that you don’t need to expect to smell something great. It smells horrible so don’t use it if you want to take a long shower. You will regret it, haha!

After you’ve rinsed all the clarifying shampoo out of your hair you go and check if all the pink tones are out of your hair.

If after the first round of using clarifying shampoo you still see pink color, you can go ahead and start again. Clarifying shampoo is not bad for your hair so you can do it again.

If there’s no pink left you can skip the next step and go straight to applying a toner or hair dye.

Step 2: Apply bleach to your hair to remove the pink tones

Now that you’ve successfully completed step 1, it is time for step 2 which is applying bleach to your hair.

You should do this only when your hair is dry and detangled. 

Mix the bleaching powder and the developer you bought in a plastic container and keep mixing until you have a creamy mixture. A mixture that you can easily apply to your hair.

When you have this mixture it is time to apply it to your hair. You start with the ends of your hair, then move on to the middle of your hair, and you end with the roots of your hair. 

When you’ve applied the bleach to your hair and everything is covered, you should let it sit for about 10 to 20 minutes.

Not longer than that!

The most important thing for you to do is check in every now and then (every 5 minutes for example) to see if your hair is still doing great.

After 20 minutes you should rinse the bleach out of your hair with lots of lukewarm water.

Do not make the mistake of bleaching your hair again after you’ve rinsed all out and you still see some pink tones. The bleaching process you just did is really damaging to your hair and you don’t want to overdo it and “kill” your hair.

What you should do if you still see some pink tones, is to move on to the next step!

Step 3: The great green toner!

The next thing is applying the toner! And I should warn you that toner starts working immediately. So there’s no time to do anything other than keep yourself busy (no Netflix for you with this step!)

The first thing you should do is drying your hair. I hope by now that you see that the pink color has faded to only a little hint of the pink color.

After you’ve dried and detangled your hair, you can go and mix the green toner with the 20 volume developer.

After you’ve done this and it is a nice mix, you can go and start applying the product to your har. Here again, start from the ends up to the roots.

When you’ve applied the toner and developer mix to your hair, you have to let it works its magic for 10 minutes. Not any longer!

When the 10 minutes have gone by you can rinse all the product out of your hair. I hope that you now see that there isn’t any pink left in your hair!

When all the pink is gone it is time for the last step!

Step 4: Keep your hair great with a toning shampoo

Now that you’ve removed all the pink from your hair after you’ve bleached it, you most certainly are relieved, aren’t you? Great!

But you have to be careful because shades of pink, purple, fuchsia, and red can still reappear. Even though you did all that work! To combat that, there is toning shampoo to help you out. 

It is very simple: just switch the regular shampoo you use for the toning shampoo and you should be fine. Wash your hair every day / every other day with this shampoo. Let it sit for about 5 in your hair and rinse it out. 

After you’ve done this a couple of times, every hint of the color pink will be gone and will stay away!

Final thoughts

After you’ve followed through on all these steps, it is important to know that you also take good care of your hair. That’s why it is important to keep your hair healthy with a hair care routine.

A great way to keep your hair healthy is by using a moisturizer. You can use a moisturizing deep hair mask such as coconut oil or argan oil masks.

Keep your hair healthy and the unwanted tones out!

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