How To Use Ion Demi Permanent Hair Color?

How to use ion demi permanent hair color. A complete guide.

There comes a time in every woman’s life that your hair starts to turn grey. For a lot of women, this is a thing because grey hair is nothing something that they think is sexy.

In my opinion, grey hair can be just as sexy as the natural hair color as long as you have a great hairstyle that fits you. Becoming older and getting some grey hair does not say anything about someone’s sexiness. 

But, sure I can understand why people want to cover their grey hair and there’s nothing wrong with that. There’s a special hair color that you can use that won’t lift your natural hair color, but does cover and blend grey hair up to 100%!

Today’s article goes about how to use ion demi-permanent hair color.

So, how to use ion demi-permanent hair color?

Using Ion Demi-permanent hair color is pretty much the same as you would do with normal hair dye. It is a great for coloring your hair yourself or letting a friend help you. This way you get quality time with your friend and you save money because you don’t need to go to the salon (more about how much it costs here: How much does it cost to let your hair color at a salon?)

First, you need to decide which hair color shade you want. After you’ve done that you should mix 2 oz. of the Ion Demi Hair Color with 4 oz. ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer 10 volume. Do this in a non-metallic bowl so that the hair dye won’t interfere with the bowl.

Stick to a mixing ratio of 1:2 unless there’s something other specified on the box. 

The important thing to know is that all the instructions you read and the steps you take are based on average hair texture and normal porosity. Fine hair, for example, is more receptive to hair coloring than “normal” coarse hair. 

That’s why it can always be helpful to get advice from your local hairdresser. This is to ensure that you know what you do. It can be that you need to alter some steps based on the state of your hair (normally this is not needed but I just wanted to state it so that you know!)

When you’ve mixed everything, it is time to put it into your hair. Let no stone go unturned and try to get everything dipped into the dye! After that, you should let it sit between 10 to 40 minutes if you aren’t applying heat (so, room temperature) and 10 to 15 minutes if you apply heat.

When the hair dye has been in your hair for long enough it is time to rinse it out. Do this until the water runs clean and you’re good to go!

This was an overview of what you need to do. Below you’ll find a more step by step guide that can help you!

Step by step to using ion demi-permanent hair color

#1 – Read the instructions
I know lots of you just start, but it is important to read the instructions carefully. When you want to do a great job and not mess it up, you start here!

#2 – Mix the chosen shade
When you’ve read all the instructions, it is time to mix 2 oz. of the Ion Demi Hair Color with 4 oz. ion Sensitive Scalp Creme Developer 10 volume. To prevent the dye from oxidizing, I advise you to use a non-metallic bowl to do the mixing.

#3 – Cover the areas you don’t want to dye
Seems like a simple step, but some people forget it and make a huge mess. Cover the skin near your hair like your neck, the ears, and the area behind your ears. You can do this with an old towel or something else that you don’t mind using.

#4 – Wear gloves
I know you’re laughing about this step! I just know you do… But people forget it… Put your gloves on before you start applying the hair dye to your hair.

#5 – Divide your hair into sections
This is an important step because this way it is easier to ensure that you cover every last strand. 
When you have long hair, you should divide your hair into four zones. If you have short hair you can use two. 
For both long and short hair, it is important to stab the zones with clamps so that everything stays put.

#6 – Start applying the ion Demi-permanent hair color
Now it is time to start applying the hair dye to your hair. Start with the roots of your hair and with the back of the head. Work your way in the hair so that you’ve covered every zone so that every last strand is covered in the hair dye.

#7 – Distribute the hair dye evenly
You can use a comb to help ensure that you’ve distributed everything evenly. It is important to get all the hairs evenly into the hair dye :).

#8 – Let the hair dye sit
The standard processing time for the hair dye (without the use of heat) is 10 to 40 minutes at room temperature.

If you’ve used heat, you can too with about 10 to 15 minutes. PRO TIP: If you use heat, it is advised that you take a 5-minute cool down before you start rinsing.

#9 – Rinse the hair dye out of your hair

When you’ve sat for the appropriate amount of time, it is time to rinse your hair. Do this properly and until the water runs clear. After that, you’re free to shampoo and style your hair as desired.

How long does Ion Demi-permanent hair color last

ion Demi-permanent hair color enters the first layer of the hair strand. This allows the color to last longer than a semi-permanent coloring. This makes it a great choice for maximum grey hair coverage and longer tonal ability. The ion Demi-permanent hair dye will last for about 12 to 24 shampoos. In that time you’ll slowly see it fade.

This is enough time for your hair to recover so that you can start again with the coloring.

How long do I leave Ion Demi permanent hair color in my hair?

The standard processing time for the ion Demi permanent hair color is 10 to 40 minutes at room temperature. When you apply heat this time is reduced to 10 to 15 minutes. When you’ve applied heat, it is important to give your hair a cool-down period of about 5 minutes before you start rinsing out the hair dye.

Can I use ion Demi-permanent without developer?

No, you can’t use the ion Demi-permanent hair dye without developer. You need a developer because that is what breaks down the hair so that the hair dye can enter the first layer of the hair strand. If you were not to use a developer, you would see that the hair color will rinse out the next time you shampoo your hair. You need something that penetrates the hair and a developer will do just that.

The reason that a 10 volume developer is used, is that fact that that is just enough to open the hair and give it a color. If you would use more volume developer, you would see that the hair becomes lighter.

You see, developer has 4 levels of developer (10, 20, 30, 40). The higher the volume of the developer, the more peroxide (%) is in the developer. The more peroxide, the more shades you go lighter when you apply it on your hair.

Final thoughts

Covering your grey hair with ion Demi Permanent Creme Hair Color is a great idea for you to follow the steps. I’ve already touched upon this, but you must read the instructions carefully so that you make no mistakes. 

If anything did go wrong, you can always go to your local hair salon and see if they can fix it for you. Even though dyeing your hair is a chemical process that puts damage to your hair, they sometimes can fix things quite quickly.

I hope by now you have learned how to use ion Demi-Permanent hair color! Good luck with experimenting and remember. Grey hair is nothing to be ashamed of. You can be a healthy and sexy woman with or without grey hair :).

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