How do I grow my hair after the S-Curl perm? (Lots Of Ways!)

How do I grow my hair after a S-curl perm

S-Curl perms are true to their title in the way that they create amazing S-shaped swirls that go in every direction. S-Curl perm offers lots of volume, texture, and glamour because they just look amazing! 

But how do you regrow your hair after you’ve had an S-Curl perm? That’s the question you’ll find an answer to today!

How do I grow my hair after the S-Curl perm?

Perms are called perms because they’re permanent, but you might know that perms are not permanent. The perm that is introduced to your hair (an S-curl for example) will eventually fall out and so your hair goes back to its natural texture. 

Often this is about 6 months but for each person, this can be slightly different. We’re all unique so it depends on the health of your hair, the density, and how coarse your hair is. As I said, most perms wear off at about the 6-month mark, but you might notice that this sets in earlier.

 grow your hair after an S-curl?

You can do a couple of things and you just should consider what you like most and go with that. Below I’ll give you information and tips on how to grow out your hair after you’ve had an S-curl. This information and these tips can be similar for other types of curls but the most important part is that you know what you want. Let’s dive in so that you can find out what you can do!

The big chop

A lot of people will tell that the only way to transition from an S-curl perm to natural hair is to chop your hair off and start all over again. Although this is an option, I can imagine that this is too much for you.

If you’re not ready to chop it all at once, you can do a little bit every once in a while. Just cut away the dead ends until you reach natural hair. While you’re in the transitioning phase, you can use conditions to soften your new hair growth and hydrate it so that it stays as healthy as can be.

Eventually, it has to go

But, as you might know already, at some point you have to let go of the perm and you have to cut the hair. After about 6 months the perm will be on its last legs and it is advised to then cut off the hair and start to embrace your new hair! 

But if you can’t bear to have shorter hair, you can always continue wearing the transitioning hairstyles that I’ll lay out for you below. 

If you do that, you should pamper your hair with hair treatments (such as hair masks) so that you don’t get lots and lots of hair breakage.

Transitioning hairstyles from S-curl perm to natural hair

Below you’ll find a couple of transitioning hairstyles that you can use to avoid having short hair. Some might be really simple, some might need you to be a little creative, but hey, everything to look good :).

1 – The fake ponytail can help you

To skip the awkward transitioning phase, there’s a simple solution called the fake ponytail. Choose a ponytail that that helps your curly texture to look like a match. If you can brush your hair to when it becomes sleek then go for a straight ponytail. Otherwise, try to match as well as possible.

2 – Roller sets

During the transitioning process, it is only natural to want to prolong the curls you have. Using Flexi-rods you can make that happen! Now I have to mention that for each curly hair type, there are roller sets. So maybe Flexi-rods are not great for you, but find a roller set that does amazing things for you and you’re off to a great start!

3 – Make it easy with a hair wrap

This undoubtedly is the easiest way to style your transitioning hair. There is little effort needed and the results are amazing. Wrapping your hair gives you the freedom to be creative and let your hair grow out at the same time!

4 – A High puff always works

You may have seen others do this… This is because updo’s look amazing on people with curly hair! Slick back your roots and edges and let the textured edges curl freely. Again, it gives you the freedom to make something that looks very fine and it is also perfect to hide the line where your hair is transitioning.

How long does it take for S-curl to grow out?

Even though perms are called that because they’re “permanent”, grow out just like any other hairstyle. The S-curl that you’ve introduced to your hair will eventually fall out and leaving you with your natural curl pattern. The timespan where this happens is slightly different for each person. It depends on the health of your hair, the density of your hair, and how coarse your hair is.

That’s also why, at the beginning of this article, I told you to take good care of your hair! Healthy hair is everything. 

Most perms will last for about 6 months. After that, they will slowly fall out. 

It can even be so that you notice that the perm is falling out before the 6-month mark. Nothing to worry about. Everyone is different and for some, it happens a bit sooner than for others.

Does S curl make your hair grow faster?

No, it does not. Your hair grows about 1/2 inch (1,27 cm) per month on average. That means that your hair will grow 6 inches in a year on your head. For some people, this might be a little more, and for some people, this might be a little less…

But no, an S-curl will not magically make your hair grow faster.

How fast your hair grows depends on factors like:

  1. age
  2. hair type
  3. overall health
  4. other health conditions

Scientists have yet to figure out a way to let your hair grow faster!

How often can you put an S-curl in your hair?

When you just love your S-curl perm there’s no need for you to go above and beyond to cut it off. You can simply put a new S-curl into your hair.

How does this work exactly?
Your hair keeps on growing so it is just a matter of time to find that your hair returns to natural. To keep the S-curl in your hair, you must reapply the S curl texturizer. You should especially do this when you see that there’s new hair growth.

But when do you need to reapply for the S-curl?
I think that it’s safe to say that you can reapply the S-curl every two to three months. But… But, this depends on the length of new hair growth and if you see your hair return to its natural state in that timeframe.

Another reason that I say 2 to 3 months is the fact that you have to let your hair recover. When you reapply S-curl before your hair is ready, you make it prone to hair breakage and overall unhealthy hair.

That is not what you should aim for. It is always best to aim for healthy, happy hair! Happy hair is a happy you!

Final thoughts

I hope that the question “How do I grow my hair after the S-Curl perm?” is answered for you! There are lots of options and it just so happens that you can go with whichever you like.

If you want to chop your hair off and start with a clean slate, that is all fine! If you want to go the route of transitioning hairstyles, that’s also okay! I have given a few examples of hairstyles that you can try, but there are of course others out there. Just Google something along the lines of “Perm transitioning hairstyles” or “S-curl perm transitioning hairstyles”. You can find all the ideas you want!

The last thing I want to state again is that you always need to go for healthy hair. Sometimes it’s better to be a little uncomfortable now and comfortable in a few months from now!

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