Is Silicon Mix Bad For Natural Hair (Not When Used Right)

Is silicon mix bad or good for your hair?

When a friend of mine asked me whether or not silicon mix was bad for your hair, I told her that this wasn’t the case. She in turn told me that she found on the internet that it was bad but wanted my opinion.

She said that when she googled what not to use in your hair, silicones came up. I then proceeded to tell her that silicones were something different than silicone mix and that silicone mix can be good for your hair! To get that confusion out of the way, I wrote this!

So, is silicon mix bad for natural hair?

No. Silicon Mix is not bad for your natural hair. If you’ve missed the wave of Caribbean hair products that went all over the world in the last couple of years, I’m not here to blame. 

Silicon mix is known for their conditioners, shampoos, leave-ins, and stylers that come from the Dominican Republic. But most, they are known for their conditioners that have incredibly conditioning treatments. The silicon mix is made with tropical scents and creamy formulas that transform your hair from being brittle and damaged into gleaming locks!

So no, Silicon mix is not bad for your hair.

But how does it work?
The different Silicon Mix treatments work with a mix of silicones and substantive conditioning agents. Besides that, Silicon Mix also uses other ingredients to create a protective layer around your hair that gives the hair back its shine and makes it smooth.

The silicones that are in the Silicon Mix tackle the surface. The other ingredients that are in the mix like cetyl alcohol and cetrimonium chloride make your hair wonderfully soft. It also makes your hair more flexible, brings more moisture into the hair strand and therefore your hair is extremely hydrated. 

As you read above, the Silicon Mix also forms a shell around your hair and this is exactly where the Silicon Mix is so valuable. 

In the end, Silicon Mix ensures that your hair is extremely nourished and you can restore your hair from fragile and dry hair to naturally shiny and beautiful healthy hair.

How long can you leave silicon mix in your hair?

There is a little bit of a debate going on about how long you should leave Silicon Mix in your hair. But, most people agree with each other than 15 minutes will do before you can go and rinse the mix out of your hair.

Now, there are also some people (hence the debate) that say that with 20 to 25 minutes you also get great results.

Some people claim that when they leave the Silicon Mix in their hair for about 20 minutes, their hair gets more moisturized and it feels better than when they go the 15-minute route.

Some people claim that with 20 to 25 minutes they get wonderful results.

What is the truth? I think it depends on the condition and the texture of your hair. And that’s why this needs a little experimentation.

For most people, the 15-minute route would be enough I think. However, there sure can be some cases where going longer is good.

The best thing you can do is trying out what kind of results you get. Start with the 15 minutes and if that works, see what kind of results you get with 20 minutes. Also, do this with 25 minutes and see what gives you the best results.

Silicon Mix is not bad for your hair so you won’t do any damage to your hair whether you keep it on for 15 or 25 minutes.

How do you use the Silicon Mix?
Luckily this is very simple. You only need 5 steps to go through the entire process and you’re almost guaranteed (if you follow the 5 steps) good results. Below I’ll put a quick guide so that you can start experimenting yourself!

#1 – Cleaning
Clean your hair! Shampoos, conditioners, pomades, and all styling products leave residue in your hair that you won’t need in your hair when using Silicon Mix because then it can’t work its magic on 100% full power. 

The best way to do this is by sectioning your hair into 4 sections and wash each section with a shampoo that leaves no residue.

After you’ve put the shampoo in your hair, you should rinse it out. Do this longer than the amount of time you normally do this. This is to be sure that any residue leaves your hair.

#2 – Multivitamins
Now you need a multivitamin treatment so that you can put that into your hair. Here again, you must do this section by section to get it in there.

You do this before you start using the Silicon Mix because this way the nutrients will get sucked up into your hair when the Silicon Mix is in your hair, and the “coating” that the Silicon Mix puts over your hair will ensure that all the nutrients get into your hair!

#3 – Put the Silicon Mix into your hair
I know you’re tempted to put the Silicon Mix in your hair right now, but give it 2 minutes so that the vitamins can penetrate your hair. 

While you wait you can divide your hair into 4 sections again so that when the 2 to 3 minutes are over, you can start applying the Silicon Mix to your natural hair.

Apply the Silicon Mix section by section along the entire length of the hair. When you’ve applied all the Silicon Mix, you can go through your hair with a comb. This ensures that all Silicon Mix is distributed evenly.

PRO TIP: Don’t use too much Silicon Mix. Because of the vitamin treatment, you don’t need much.

Once the combing is done and the mix is in your hair, it is time to put on a plastic cap for about 15 minutes (or longer if you want and read the above section about how long it can stay in your hair). Don’t use heat in the 15 minutes that you let the Silicon Mix do its job. If you want to use heat, you can… But then you should make it 10 minutes.

#4 – Rinse it all out
When step 3 is done, and you’ve waited the 15 minutes, you can go and wash out the Silicon Mix. 

After that, you can enjoy your wonderful healthy hair!

How often should you use silicon mix?

This depends on the state and the texture of your hair. Some people like to use silicon mix every time they wash their hair. They do this because they have the feeling that it works for them.

I feel that once a week will be sufficient if your hair is in a “normal” condition. You can use it to nourish your hair and give it time to recover from all the beauty products that you’ve used in that week (from heating elements to certain kinds of sprays that aren’t good for your hair).

But, again, this depends on what you like. If you feel that your hair is brittle and dry, you can try and see what the results are when you use it twice a week or even three times a week. If you see that that is overdoing it and that your hair isn’t as revitalized when you use it for the third time that week, it might be time to cut back.

Start experimenting with one time a week and see how that goes. If your hair needs more than just start to experiment with how much and how often.

What are silicons and what do they do to the hair?

Silicons prove a thin waterproof coating around your hair cuticle. This prevents the fact that your hair dries out and makes sure it stays hydrated from the inside out. The beauty of using silicones is that they also prevent humidity from the outside to affect your hair.

There are, however, silicones that are bad for your hair. What makes those silicones bad for your hair is the fact that there are not water-soluble. That means that you cannot rinse out these silicons so over time this will leave your hair feeling greasy.

Here you’ll find an article that explains more in-depth how-to-use Silicon Mix, what silicons do to your hair, and which ones are good and bad.

Final thoughts

So, is silicon mix bad for natural hair? No, not at all. Silicon Mix is not bad for your hair. The opposite is true if you use it correctly. If you follow the steps that are laid out for you, you can benefit greatly from using Silicon Mix in your hair. 

Silicones have a bad reputation because some can be bad for your hair if you do not use it right or for a long time. I hope by now that you learned a little more about why Silicon Mix isn’t bad and that you also learned a bit more about how to use it and which silicones are good and bad for you (click on the link to find out more about how to use Silicon Mix)

Use Silicon Mix the right way and make your hair healthy again! It is great if you experience that your hair is brittle and dry!

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