Why does my hair always look messy? (Multiple Solutions!)

Why does my hair always look messy

Do you ever feel like your hair is messy? That you just get out of bed, for example, that you look in the mirror and think, gosh, that’s ugly!

Then you are not the only one, because apparently a lot of women suffer from messy hair!

This can be because you don’t do the right things before you go to sleep to prevent messy hair, by not doing the right things in the morning, but also, for example, by making excessive use of heat sources.

In addition, there are other things that make your hair messy and that’s exactly why this blog! In this blog, you will learn why your hair looks messy and what you can do about it!

So, without further ado…

Why does my hair always look messy?

When stating the term “messy”, you always need to be clear in mind whether your hair is frizzy or damaged. Enhancing the vocabulary and being more specific about the term makes it quite easier to find and apply the right solution to the problem. In general, the frizzy hair is disheveled lacking proper care, and undergoing suitable haircare routines will suffice for these. 

While damaged hair needs extra care and nourishment to return to a healthier state. Messy hair is a situation everyone goes through once in a while and feels worried about. The struggle is real when you have to look presentable, but your hair is not cooperating enough. But is there any remedy to control the mess? Yes! There are some essential tips and tricks that can help in taming your messy hair.

Sometimes we just need to stop doing certain things that are damaging our hair, and by doing so, half of the issues with untamed hair can be catered. Following are the causes and controls that will help to spruce up your hair. 

Causes of your hair looking messy

Excessive use of Shampoo

One of the most common causes of messy hair is excessive use of shampoo, as it strips away essential oils from your scalp, leaving dry hair behind. Any hairstyle can look fine if your hair isn’t dried up by shampooing too much. Regardless of whether your hair is curly or pin-straight, if it lacks essential moisture, then it’ll always look messier. Using shampoo two to three times a week is enough.

Insufficient brushing

Not brushing your hair enough, especially if they have curls, leads to strangled hair, which can look like a mess. So, it’s either you tie your hair properly or comb them gently after regular intervals if you let them loose. 

Excessive use of heating tools

Heating your hair in excess also dries the natural moisture of hair and cause damage. It is always better to keep the use of hairstyling tools limited. When your hair is already dried up due to heating, why would you want to make them even bushier?

Hair Dyes

It is no mystery that hair dyes contain harmful chemicals that can make hair dry and brittle. So, when you undergo frequent hair coloring, it makes the hair messy. See! Naturally, everyone has their own unique and fine hair, and it’s just us who expose them to chemicals and complain about having dull and boring hair.

Using the wrong products

You should always cross-check your hair product for any signs and symptoms of hair fall and dryness because they might happen to be the root cause of all damage. Therefore, investing in good and effective hair products is very important. 

Solutions to your hair looking messy

Regular proper brushing

Brushing helps a lot in controlling frizzy hair. Before we start on the haircare routine divided into two parts, let’s talk about the importance of a suitable hairbrush.

Use of suitable hairbrush

It is said that a good brush helps in untangling the hair easily with less breakage and makes the hair healthier. Thus, it is important to select a hairbrush that is well-suited to your hair type.

Haircare before sleeping

  • Gently brush your hair while removing tangles from them that might have been caused throughout the day.
  • Tie up the hair, preferably in a braid, as it will keep them together in one place while you move your head during sleep resulting in a lesser mess in the morning. Remember not to tie hair tightly as it will increase stress in the scalp while sleeping.
  • Wrapping the head before sleep can be another option for those who do not like to tie their hair up. It can be done through a thin scarf or bandana, and only the purpose needs to be met, that is, keeping hair in one place. Toweling caps usually made of plastic are not encouraged because they will limit the oxygen reaching your scalp, which is not a good thing. Hair is a living being and needs oxygen too to grow and glow.

Haircare in the morning

  • Brush or comb your hair after waking up as it will tame the mess that might have been created during the night. You can also use spray-in conditioners having natural extracts to ease the knots in your hair.
  • Giving five to seven strokes to each section will help to keep them smooth.
  • A small amount of spray can be used for touching up if you are planning to wear your hair down. This will help to keep them intact.

Detangle your hair

Don’t wrestle with hair to remove the knots; try to start from the tips. Once detangled, you can stroke from roots downwards. This will cause less breakage and hair fall. A wide-tooth comb is preferred for this cause. Another method can hold them firmly near the scalp and then brushing downwards while stroking a few times gently on the knots until they are released as it will cause the least harm to the hair. 

Avoid excessive heating tools

  • If you have been trying to tame your hair by heating them, then you’re doing wrong because it dries them out and is no good for taming purposes. Some people try changing their hair type believing that straightening or curling hair would make them less messy, but that’s not true. Regular straightening or curling exposes hair to extreme heat, which they are not adapted to bear. Therefore, avoid using heat as much as possible, and if it is inevitable, apply a good quality heat protectant on your hair before heating. 
  • Blow drying the hair has also been one of the significant reasons for dried out messy hair. The heat from your blow dryer not only dries up the strands but also takes up the natural moisture. Heat protection is critical when it comes to blowing drying hair too. 
  • Without applying protectants designed to protect hair from heat, you are allowing the tools to damage your hair. As protectants create a thin layer around the strands, the damage caused is lessened. One thing to remember about heat protectants and serums is that they are not an open invitation for you to keep heating and damaging your hair. Even these products have limitations and can protect hair against damage to a certain extent only.

Use a good hair conditioner and serum

  • One of the common concepts regarding a conditioner’s use is that you need either a shampoo or a conditioner. The truth is that your hair needs both as shampoo cleans the scalp while conditioner moisturizes your hair that helps in them being less dry. A good conditioner provides the moisture that your hair needs and prevents detangling, leading to messy hair.
  • After washing your hair, apply a good serum while still damp, so the serum dries long with the hair giving them a smooth texture. 
  • Once you add good quality conditioner and hair serum to your hair care routine, you’ll be surprised at the wonders they do to your hair. They will become much more manageable and easier to style.

Use hair products having greater content of natural extracts

  • The market is full of products that contain plant-based natural extracts in hair care products. Avoid using products having excess chemicals in them. Since sulfate and parabens are involved in many shampoos and conditioners and are damaging to hair, always check the products’ ingredients before purchasing. 
  • Haircare products containing amino acids help to strengthen the hair along with reducing frizz. Therefore, when the market already has a range of better-quality natural products, why go for chemicals?

Methods of spray applications

Adding heat protectant sprays to your checklist will reduce the harmful effects of styling tools on your hair. Just know that there are methods for applications of hair serums and protectants. 

  • Avoid spraying near the scalp. It causes the spray to accumulate in one small region of the head. 
  • Don’t over-spray. Only a specific limited amount of sprays and even shampoo and hair conditioner are required. The rest either goes to waste or ends up causing more damage than doing good.
  • Initially, experiment with a small amount of product on your hair and see for results. If that amount is just fine, then don’t increase it.
  • Remember, oils are to be applied in roots while sprays and serums are for the hair.

Opting for the right hairstyle

One of the fastest methods to control messy hair is to opt for hairstyles that best suit your hair. Tying, pinning up, folding, or letting loose, whatever style you choose, just make sure to keep your hair moisturized enough to be able to bear the strain that hairstyle brings along with it. 

You can also consult a hairstylist to help select a style that best suits your hair type. Just accept the beauty of your hair, follow the tips, and don’t let any mess ruin your day

Final thoughts

Even though you don’t like being messy, I hope you have now learned enough about why this is so! There are a lot of factors that can contribute to messy hair and the most important thing is that you know why it bothers you.

As soon as you can tell why your hair always looks messy, the sooner you will have the right solution.

That is exactly why there are solutions for your messy looking hair. Once you know why your messy hair looks messy to you, you can find the right solution to get started and make your hair look great!

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