Why Do I Have Frizzy Hair in One Spot?

Frizzy hair in one spot

We all dream of long and beautiful hair. As little girls, we see Disney movies with princesses like Rapunzel and dream about long hair (or am I the only one?)

Even though long beautiful and full hair is the dream, there sometimes seems to be something that stands in our way and we don’t know how to fix it. Frizzy hair in one spot of your hair is such a thing. It’s annoying, you don’t know what to do about it, and want it gone as soon as possible!

Now, a friend of mine recently asked me this very question (how to get rid of the frizzy patch in her hair) and that’s when I decided to write an article about it!

So, know you’re not the only one and that there are things that you can do! Want to know what exactly? Read on and find out.

Frizzy hair in one spot

As I said, you’re not the only one experiencing frizz on only one spot of your hair. And likely, like so many others, it doesn’t matter what you do, you just can’t seem to tame the frizz…

Now, there are a couple of reasons why this frizz appears only on one spot of your hair.

How do you get frizzy hair only on one spot of your hair?

Showering and sleeping

Are you someone who likes to take a shower in the evening and then go to bed and sleep on your back? Then the frizz you experience can likely be because your hair is “ruffling” during the night and it hasn’t quite bounced back in the morning.

Burning your hair with tools

Now, it can also happen that without you knowing, you burnt your hair on one particular area with a hairdryer. When this happens you see frizz arise.

Using the wrong shampoo

There have been people who experience frizz due to using the wrong shampoo for their hair type. Often people experience this frizziness when they use a shampoo that contains sulfates. These kinds of shampoos can dry your hair and cause frizz.

I know this seems weird because you would expect frizzy hair all over when you use such shampoo, but with lots of girls this isn’t true and they only experience in one spot. So, check your shampoo bottle and switch if you find out it does contain sulfates.

It can just be your natural hair shape

If you have hair that grows wavy or curly, then it might just be your natural hair shape. Wavy or curly hair tends to be more frizzy than straight hair. There is nothing you can do about that. It is determined by the shape of the hair follicles where your hair grows out.

The condition of your hair

It is a fact the longer your hair is, the more damaged it is likely to be. This is because longer hair experiences a lot of combing, brushing, and use of heat and styling devices Using these kinds of devices can lead to hair breakage and split ends which can lead to frizziness. If you damaged your hair in one spot, this frizziness might only appear on the spot.

Your environment

And last but not least, there is the environment that can affect your hair! How does this happen you ask?

You should know that the inside of your hair (they call it the Cortex) is made of two kinds of protein. These two kinds of protein are sandwiched together inside your hair and when it is humid these areas absorb water differently. So, one part of your hair might absorb a lot of water/moisture and one part doesn’t which leads to frizzy hair.

But, now that we’ve talked about all the ways you can get frizzy hair in one spot, it is time to find out how you can get rid of it! I will walk you through it, isolating each part just as I did in the above section.

What to do when one section of your hair is frizzy

Use a silk bonnet

When you like to shower in the evening and sleep on your back, it might be great to start using a silk bonnet (also known as a sleep cap).

A silk bonnet will help you prevent frizziness and it also reduces thinning of your hair all without forming split ends! Doesn’t that sound great? You can see a bonnet as sort of a protective cap over your hair so that you can sleep the way you want, and keep your hair exactly the way you want!

Deep conditioners

If the above isn’t the case then this next tip might be for you. Did you burn your hair one a particular place in your hair but are you afraid to admit it? Don’t worry, it happens to anyone! But if you did, you can get great results by using a deep conditioning treatment.

Deep conditioning of the hair is a way to coat your hair and treat it with nourishing ingredients. Besides that, it also restores your hair’s moisture, strengthens your hair, and reduces the damage you did by burning your hair.

So, have you burned your hair and it caused frizz? Try a deep conditioning treatment!

Switch Shampoos

As said above, you may experience frizz because of your shampoo. Check your shampoo for sulfates because this can dry out your hair and cause frizziness. If you find out that you are using a shampoo with sulfates in it, you can simply switch to a shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfates and you’re good to go!

Deep treatment with castor oil

If a deep treatment with nourishing ingredients won’t do if, for you, you can try a deep treatment with Castor Oil. Castor oil has been claimed to have benefits such as strengthening the strands of your hair, promoting hair growth, and nourishing your dry scalp.

This can help greatly in treating your frizz in that one particular spot. Coat the area where you experience frizziness and cover your hair overnight in a silk bonnet. When you wash it out in the morning you should see and feel a difference. It might take a couple of days of repeating this before seeing good results.

Define your curl

If it’s just your natural hair shape, you should look into defining your curl. You can use a wide variety of styling products like gels, mousses, and curl-enhancing creams. All these kinds of products can help you define your curl and fight frizz. This is because these products contain something called polymers and these polymers coat the hair and “lock” in your curl (or wave) into place.

Besides that it helps define your curl, it also has a way of helping you fight the humidity (not completely, but it helps a bit).

Make use of silicones

If you find that you experience frizziness in one spot due to humidity, you can also go for products that contain silicone (you should look into dimethicone). Using silicone is a great way to keep humidity out of your hair and keep your hair frizz-free.

Look out for damage

I know this is the logical thing to do, but look out for doing damage to your hair. Try to minimize it. Make sure that you make use of a conditioner on your hair! If your hair is really damaged and you have frizziness in more places, it might be better to cut your hair so that the frizziness is gone and you can focus on keeping your hair healthy.

Final thoughts

I hope that you learned a lot about how frizziness in one place pops up and what you can do about it. And, if you read this far, I’m just going to assume that you liked it!

Thanks again for reading the article. Keep your hair healthy and frizz-free! And know that if you are hesitant about what to do, you can always go to a local hairdresser who can tell you all about the things you can do for your hair.

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