How to Put On a Bonnet (And Are Bonnets Good for Your Hair?)

How to Put On a Bonnet

How to put on a bonnet Bonnets are one of the best ways for you to keep your hair healthy and strong. Daily life can dry out and damage your hair, making it harder to grow your hair longer due to split ends and breakage. More women are choosing to wear bonnets outside the home and during the day rather than just at night to maximize the benefits. Every hair type can benefit from a silk or satin bonnet that protects your hair from the rough cotton of your pillowcase.

You can learn everything you need to know about bonnets and how they can benefit your hair here. Check out these amazing facts about bonnet use and why you should get one now.

How do you put on a bonnet?

Putting on a bonnet can be an easy last step right before you crawl into bed for the night. You can even put your bonnet on with wet hair to preserve the benefits of your recent wash and keep it from drying out during the night. Start by flipping your head upside down so all your hair is draped down in front of you. Open the bonnet up with two hands and hook it at the nape of your neck above your baby hairs.

Then pull the bonnet down over the length of your hair capturing every possible strand. Press the ends of your hair up toward your scalp to more easily capture them in the bonnet. Once all of your hair is in the bonnet, you can right your head and adjust the bonnet as needed. Check for any loose hairs or curls and make sure the bonnet is tight and secure on your head.

A bonnet with an elastic hairband is a great option that naturally grips the head and stays in place. You can also find bonnets that tie in place. No matter your favorite material or style, make sure the bonnet isn’t too loose or tight on your head. You won’t be able to experience its many benefits if it slips off during the night. You’re also more likely to experience headaches, irritation, and even hair loss if it’s too tight on the head. Silk or satin bonnets pair fantastically with pillowcases of a similar material to doubly protect your hair.

What do bonnets do for your hair?

Bonnets provide protection from the elements and the rough material of your regular pillowcase. Cotton is very abrasive to hair and especially to those with natural, curly hair. The delicate hair cuticle can be constantly rubbed while you’re sleeping, creating breakage and dryness. Your hair also experiences dryness during the day as you’re walking around in the wind, rain or snow.

Bonnets minimize breakage and maximize moisture retention, keeping your hair healthy and strong. Your regular moisturizers and oils will stay in your hair longer rather than being absorbed by your pillowcase. A bonnet minimizes friction, keeping your hair from breaking out into split ends that stunt overall growth. You’ll be able to grow your hair faster by protecting it with a bonnet while you’re sleeping.

You’ll also notice fewer acne breakouts with frequent bonnet use. Your pillowcase absorbs oils and contaminants from your face and hair as you sleep, creating a dirty, oily fabric that may look and smell clean even as it blocks your pores at night. A bonnet will keep the oils from your hair from affecting your face and its natural smooth healthiness.

What are the benefits of using a hair bonnet?

Bonnets provide many health benefits as well as convenience and ease to your daily schedule. You can take the time to prepare your hair with an exciting new look the night before work or an important event without worrying about sleeping and ruining it. Bonnets protect natural hairstyles from being disturbed during the night, presenting a beautiful look the next morning without worry.

You’ll be less likely to have tangled hair from tossing and turning during the night. Your mornings won’t have to be spent hurrying through getting ready because your hair took too long to fix. Less friction when you sleep also means less frizz to contend with. You’re less likely to have bad hair days at all with proper nighttime preparation and frequent bonnet use.

With healthier hair and easier mornings, your daily life can be much easier than ever before. You’ll have less trouble finding moisturizers and products that work because your hair will be better able to absorb the benefits. Every hairstyle will look its best for as long as possible, making work, dates, and errands a breeze. You’ll feel better about how you look and see the difference in your hair’s health. Every woman can benefit from wearing a bonnet to increase their hair’s moisture, elasticity, and overall appeal.

Do bonnets help curls?

You’ll reap the most benefits from bonnets if you have curly or natural hair. Bonnets can prolong the time between washes and stop your curls from being flattened during the night. Soft and protective bonnets help your curls grow faster and stronger by allowing the nutrients and moisture from your daily treatments to be fully absorbed. Silk is a much gentler alternative to rough cotton or polyester. Your curls won’t frizz out or lose their natural definition due to the natural friction of sleeping.

Curly hair often requires more care and products than straight or flat hair. Your curls may only be manageable when they’re wet or just out of the shower. A bonnet can maintain that moisture and keep it from being absorbed into the pillowcase. Your hair will feel healthier, more elastic, and bouncier after using a bonnet. Your regular styles will be easier to maintain, and you’ll finally have that much-needed extra protection from the elements when you go outside.

Silk and satin bonnets and headbands were made for naturally curly hair. Every hair type can benefit from using a bonnet, but women with curly hair will reap the most benefits from this accessory. Stop worrying about frizz and breakage that makes it feel like you’re losing tons of hair every day. Invest in a bonnet to protect your natural curls and improve your hair’s overall health.

Do you wear a bonnet as a sleep bonnet or can you wear it all day?

Bonnets are often worn during the night to protect the sensitive hair cuticles from the rough abrasion of sleep. They can just as easily be worn during the day to maximize moisture and product retention. Daily chores around the home and yard work can be a breeze with a bonnet. This accessory is designed to stay on the head even with frequent movement so you don’t have to worry about it falling off.

Women have even started to wear bonnets out in public to the store or during their regular tasks. Bonnets continue to benefit the health and elasticity of your hair for as long as you wear them. They’re also a great way to safely cover your hair if you don’t feel like preparing it for being seen.

However, there is some social stigma concerning wearing bonnets in public. Traditional women often view bonnets as an accessory for the home, only to be worn in private or around family. More modern women wear bonnets whenever or wherever they choose for a number of reasons from not wanting to disturb their hairstyle to have recently put in a treatment that needs to be absorbed.

The longer you wear a bonnet, the more you benefit your hair. Wearing one in public can be associated with wearing sweatpants or dressing very casually. You don’t have to dress your best everywhere you go, but you likely shouldn’t wear a bonnet to an important event or on a date.


Bonnets are excellent hair covers that protect your hair from losing moisture too fast and suffering from breakage, frizz, or dead ends. Every woman can wear a bonnet to experience the many health and confidence benefits. Women with curly hair should especially consider purchasing a bonnet to better maintain their hair and enjoy a faster growth rate. Step up your daily hair care routine by wearing luxuriously soft and protective silk or satin bonnets.

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